GENERAL CHARACTER STATISTICS Character Name: Anastasia Gender: Female Species/Race: Human Age: 18 Birthplace/World: Occupation/School/Grade: Student & Part Time Gallery Curator PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS General Appearance:...

Elf Handmaiden

potential names Merialeth Cyithrel Eloimaya Sariandi Myriani

Temperance Rose Delamere

GENERAL CHARACTER STATISTICS Character Name: Temperance Rose (Chetwynd) Delamere Gender: Female Species/Race: Human Age: 21 Birthplace/World: Occupation: Countess More: PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS General Appearance: 5’1″...


GENERAL CHARACTER STATISTICS Character Name: Damar Gender: Male Species/Race: Djinn Age: Birthplace/World: Occupation: Radio Host – Midnight Time Slot More: PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS General Appearance:...

Partner Request Info

Please be gentle with me, I am scared. ;_____; I am Diana and I am seeking PARTNERS for one on one roleplays! Specifically people...

Princess Clover

She likes bugles. (the instrument) Favorite color is chartreuse. Hides throwing knives on her person and is good with them. Collects small bugs that...

Marsyas: Orenda (rename)

Name of Race: Orenda Average Height/Lifespan: Both male and female average from 4’5″ to 5’6″ (being on the tall end). Their normal lifespan could...

001 Mistaken Identity

[April is a Data Entry Operator, which is just a fancy name for the sucker that types up all your documents. And like any...
Your Starr

015 Last Night on Tour (TBC)

-09:22 Jul 02 [Madeline is at the FINALE CONCERT! The...

005 Blackmail

[Autumn is starting to get the hang of ettiquete classes. It's probably the ONLY thing she has the hang of! And now she is...