King of Hands

Genre: Post Apocalyptic?
Location: ??
Timeline: ??

Factions/gangs/families based on Card Suits. (Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades) Fighting for leadership of a country/location + inner faction intrigue.

The King of Hearts is killing off other faction leaders in an attempt to steal their power, including betraying own faction members in pursuit of the goal.

The Spades were demons. The others were human. Jacks were the spies and assassins, Queens were the spellcasters/diplomats/whatever, and Aces were hardy bodyguards.

Diana Notacat
Diana is a House Elf that spends most of her time being creative and all around bossy. You’ll find her most often on or sitting on her giant sofa snuggling cats and watching really bad romantic comedies.

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