Wheel of Fate

Genre: Fantasy

What if you discovered you had been living the same life and same events for thousands of years? That every time you are reincarnated you carry out the same events regardless of who you are and where you are born?

__ is a man that accidentally stumbled on the home of the 3 Fates. He finds out that the Fates have predetermined stories that are to happen, over and over, that keep the balance of the world. Worse, he discovers his Mentor and his partner are predestined to die during a battle in the near future. Does he allow fate to carry on as it always has, or does he decide to change the course of history?

Diana Notacat
Diana is a House Elf that spends most of her time being creative and all around bossy. You’ll find her most often on or sitting on her giant sofa snuggling one of two kitties and watching really bad romantic comedies.

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